The Legal Technology Cynic


We provide a variety of estate planning services to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Some of the specific services we specialize in are the following:

Traditional Estate Planning Services

Like other law firms, we offer a full range of traditional estate planning services. In all cases, we try to use innovative means to make our services as affordable as possible, but, from situation to situation, more intensive attorney services may be necessary or desired.

Estate Planning Packages

By putting together a number of widely-used estate planning documents, including revocable trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and advance healthcare directives, we  offer a number of pre-defined packages designed to be used in a wide range of circumstances that are commonly encountered by California families and individuals.

Unbundled Estate Planning Services

From time to time, you may need limited attorney assistance, but, due to financial, time, or other restraints, you would prefer to handle your estate planning matters yourself as much as possible. We can offer limited services such as reviewing existing estate planning documents, amending existing estate planning documents, drafting individual trusts, wills, powers of attorney, or other instruments, or simply providing telephone or email consultation and advice. Of course, we cannot and do not wish to provide services that fall below our own high standards for competent and ethical representation or the standards of professional responsibility applicable to all attorneys.

Please call or email to schedule a consultation with attorney Robert Zumwalt at your convenience.


If we believe that your matter would be more inexpensively handled by another law firm, we would be happy to refer you to that firm, free of charge. 

A critical, if not cynical, look at the present state of the legal technology.